After months of speculation over who might play Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic in Marvel Studios‘ Fantastic Four, the wait may be finally over. While a deal is far from done, sources tell Deadline that three-time Emmy nominee Pedro Pascal is in talks to play the leader of the iconic superhero team.

It’s not the most inspired choice of Marvel casting, but I don’t mind it at all. I assume this means that Adam Driver passed (who would’ve been interesting), and thankfully — after his dull appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness — they did not go with John Krasinski.

Now, who are the other three? The current rumor mill says…

  • Vanessa Kirby (Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol Part One) as Sue Storm
  • Joseph Quinn (Stranger Things) as Johnny Storm
  • Eben Moss-Bacharach (The Bear) as The Thing

I don’t mind this line up, I just will continue to morn the 60’s set, Mad Men meets The Incredibles take we will likely never get.