The Hollywood Reporter:

Filmmaker Dan Trachtenberg and 20th Century Studios are going hunting again.

Trachtenberg, who earned an Emmy nomination for his 2022 Predator movie Prey, is returning to the sci-fi action horror franchise to make a new installment.

Titled Badlands, the new Predator feature is not a sequel to Prey, which was set in 1719 and centered on a young Comanche woman forced to fight for survival against the intergalactic hunters, but rather a brand new story. Plot details are being kept secret but this one is said to be set sometime in the future. Like Prey, however, it too will feature a female lead.

If you’ve not had the chance to check out the absolutely tremendous Prey (available on Hulu), you’ve not allowed yourself to see the best Predator movie since…oh, the first one?

It’s amazing to see Dan Trachtenberg, who I once knew best as the host of a video podcast (shout out Totally Rad Show) not just step up the Cloverfield franchise, but also now the Predator franchise.

I am there day one.