The Hollywood Reporter:

Sam Mendes has teamed with Sony Pictures Entertainment for The Beatles, four theatrical films about the British supergroup to each come from the perspective of a different band member.

The project, coming over 50 years after The Beatles broke up, and 40 years after the death of John Lennon, will see Apple Corps and The Beatles – Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and the families of John Lennon and George Harrison – offer up their full life story and music rights for a scripted film. Mendes will direct the four theatrical feature films to recapture the story of the greatest band in history.

First and foremost, I’m surprised these four movies don’t all head into a singular united The Beatles movie.

Secondly, is the intent that we’d see one of these a year or all four at once?

I assume it’s going to be the same actors in each one of the four films — does this mean we’re going to get a Lord of the Rings-style back-to-back shoot?

With Mendes in the directors chair, the movies should be nice to look at, but I’m wondering if four films could make for a better singular film.

It’s gonna be funny to see if the Box Office reflects the popularity of each Beatle. Big splashes at the Box Office for Paul and John, with Ringo and George tanking the series.

Shit, will the Paul movie end with John appearing in the post-credits saying, “I’ve been thinking about forming a band…”

The Beatles quadrilogy is scheduled to hit theaters in 2027.