The Verge, paraphrasing Bloomberg (Paywalled):

Apple is reportedly in “active negotiations” with Google to bring its Gemini generative AI technology to the iPhone, Bloomberg reports, and has also considered using OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

CEO Tim Cook has already confirmed that Apple is spending “a tremendous amount of time and effort” on artificial intelligence features, and plans to release them to its customers “later this year.” Bloomberg’s report suggests that the AI features built into Apple’s products could eventually be powered by a mix of first- and third-party AI models. Apple’s models could power on-device generative AI with iOS 18, releasing later this year, while cloud-based AI features like text- and image-generation could come via partnerships with the likes of Google.

Yet another instance of Google getting a taste of the iPhone, should their partnership come to fruition instead of the one with OpenAI.

That said — given that Apple has recently made acqusitions in the AI space — I’d say this is a temporary leg up until they have their own version ready to go, a’la Apple Maps.

It’s now not an if, but a when.