The Dieline:

Let’s say you’re a sustainable healthcare company selling over-the-counter (OTC) drugs in compostable and refillable packaging. Pain relief, allergy, cold and flu—all the good stuff that prompts many late-night Walgreens runs. You offer consumers a bottle—a beautiful, frosted glass bottle that looks great in a medicine cabinet—they can fill for the rest of their lives.

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right? You can high-five yourself because you’ll never buy Tylenol again. That’s just another plastic bottle that would likely end up in a landfill.

But you’re also a young brand with maybe just a few years under your belt. And now, lo and behold, Target comes calling. They want to stock your products because they believe in your core mission of sustainability. Swell, huh? But now you not only have to stand out on the shelf, you need to explain to shoppers—who have no clue who you are—what your brand is and how it actually works.

Very cool write up from The Dieline, not just showcasing some very cool, very effective packaging design for the sustainable medicine brand Cabinet, but also digging into the tough parts of selling to customers the “buy the package once, then refills only after” ethos.

This made me excited to buy aspirin, y’all.