Chew Boom:

7-Eleven has unveiled a bold addition to its beverage lineup with the introduction of Big Bite Hot Dog Sparkling Water, developed in partnership with Miracle Seltzer. This unique offering joins the array of 7-Select sparkling waters, presenting fans with a range of innovative flavors.

In collaboration with Miracle Seltzer, 7-Eleven has curated a selection of sparkling waters featuring intriguing flavors such as Lemon Lime, Green Apple, Sweet Orange, and the unconventional Hot Dog, inspired by one of 7-Eleven’s signature snacks, the Big Bite Hot Dog.

…wait, what the hell?

The Big Bite Hot Dog Sparkling Water promises to encapsulate the essence of the iconic 7-Eleven hot dog experience, complete with the flavors of ketchup and mustard. This innovative beverage aims to transform the traditional pairing of hot dogs and sodas, allowing consumers to enjoy the essence of their favorite snack in a refreshing bubbly form.

That’s it. Wrap up the run of the human race. We’re done here.

While details regarding the availability of the Big Bite Hot Dog Sparkling Water will be disclosed on April 1, the rest of the 7-Select x Miracle Seltzer range, including Lemon Lime, Green Apple, and Sweet Orange flavors, can already be found at select 7-Eleven stores.

OH! It’s a gag. Thank God.