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Michigan, 1963. Kellogg’s and Post, sworn cereal rivals, race to create a pastry that will change the face of breakfast. A tale of ambition, betrayal, sugar, and menacing milkmen, Unfrosted stars Jerry Seinfeld in his directorial debut.

Unfrosted is coming to Netflix on May 3.

Following in the footsteps of other Movies About How This Thing Was Made, like The Social Network, BlackBerry, Air, Tetris, The Founder and many, many others, Jerry Seinfeld (of all people) directs the story of the humble Pop-Tart in Unfrosted.

Personally, I thought Jerry was more of a cereal guy, but I suppose I was wrong.

Strong cast, with people like Melissa McCarthy, Bill Burr and Hugh Grant, so maybe this won’t be too bad? Or maybe it’ll just slide off the public consciousness like most Netflix movies.

Do you think we get a S’mores Pop-Tarts post credits scene?