Filipe Espósito, 9to5Mac

But there’s another important update to the App Store guidelines, and this one applies worldwide. For the first time, Apple is allowing developers to create and distribute game emulators on the App Store. The news was confirmed by Apple in an email sent to developers. Since the very first iPhone, developers have been finding ways to distribute game emulators to iOS users. The App Store guidelines have never allowed emulator software, but some apps have had luck bypassing Apple’s review process by disguising their apps and hiding emulators within them. But that’s changing now with the App Store’s new guidelines.

Discovered late in the day yesterday was a bunch of changes to the App Store guidelines presented to developers by Apple.

The key change presented seems to be that of allowing — in the EU — music apps to allow signups via their own web interface, versus through the App Store alone.

In the mix further down, however, is the revelation that game emulation is now allowed.

Android users have been able to do this for ages, but now, iOS — and presumably iPadOS + tvOS users — will be able to do the same without using some of the complicated go arounds in use currently with Altstore.

Now I’m just hoping that two of the Altstore’s best...

Delta, a Nintendo focused emulator for iOS

Provenance, a multi-system emulator that’s also available on tvOS

…make their way to the AppStore.

I do wonder if someone’s gonna try to have something up as early as this week...