Luke Plunkett, Aftermath:

For those who know what this is, stop reading and enjoy! For those who don’t know what Famicase is, every year the indie Japanese games store Meteor holds an exhibition where artists from all over the world submit fake Famicom cartridges featuring game ideas that can be cool, interesting, funny, macabre, whatever! Maybe all of those things! Note that these games aren’t real, and you can’t play them; they’re just jokes/pitches/ideas.

There are actual cartridges hanging on the wall in the store if you’re lucky enough to be able to visit in person, but since most of us can’t, the best we can do is admire them from afar courtesy of Meteor’s online showcase. You can view them all there, and definitely should, but for now I’d also just like to highlight some of my favourites…

Truly, I always enjoy seeing these every year, and it’s because of Luke Plunkett that I’ve been reminded of them each time. Thanks for keeping the legacy alive, Luke!

How is there not a US version of this using NES cartridges?

Check out the full gallery here. I’ve attached my personal favorite: PermaChroma, by Joe Wright.