The announcement of a Sheetz location coming to my neck of the woods has realized I haven’t poked this bear in a bit.

So, what are your rankings of convenience store / gas station food?

Mind, I’ve not had Buc-ees, but my picks are…

  1. Sheetz - Awesome variety of food, usually prepared well, great drink menu.
  2. Wawa - If their menu were a bit more eclectic, I’d give them the nod, but even with the latest additions (pizza), it’s a lesser option than Sheetz.
  3. Royal Farms - The chicken is awesome. But that’s the thing: just the chicken is awesome.
  4. Highs - Their ice cream is decent? 🤷‍♂️
  5. 7-Eleven - Trash. Every now and then a taquito hits a spot, but for the most part, not worth the time or money.

What say you? This, of course, is with the asterisk of Japanese Convenience Stores being far far better than anything US ones have produced.